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How Skweeble Works for Employers

Your job postings go to our pre-screened community of mobile app users

Unlike most job posting sites that simply post your job and wait for you to do all the work, Skweeble is designed to connect employers with pre-screened job seekers.  Skweeble app users are qualified candidates who are able to work immediately.  

  • Pre-screeened employees
  • Work-ready employees
  • Post a job or shift for as little as $27.50

Boost your job listing for faster results

With Skweeble, you can increase the number of agency connections and referral partners for your account by using our Boost feature.  By Boosting your job listing, you will increase the number of agencies and referral partners who will work to fill your job post.

  • Job alerts created for your job posting
  • Get faster results
  • Better pricing

View and compare offers from staffing agencies 

Different staffing agencies have different prices and different requirements.  When you post a job on Skweeble, you can receive offers from different agencies that will allow you to compare the hourly commission rates or direct commission rates that the agency is offering along with the agency's staffing agreement that sets out the terms and conditions of the offer.

  • Compare pricing
  • Compare contracts
  • Rate agencies

Skweeble can help you manage staff absences

Skweeble software includes tools that help track employee requests for time off and can connect you in real time to an availaibility list that can help you fill absences.

  • Track requests for time off
  • Send fill requests to agencies 
  • Improve absence coverage

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